Female Miniature American Shepherds

We take our breeding program very serious in choosing the right adults to bring into our program. All of our adult dogs stand for excellent temperament, structure, movement, and working ability. We also do all necessary genetic testings for the Breed to assure a healthy long life. All adults are tested for or cleared by parentage for PRA, HC, MDR1, OFA & CERF


Linderlands Last Word

Tango is a frizzbee dog, loves to play and has a great attitude. Nice lines going back to herding and conformation.  She is an excellent representation of the breed’s intelligence.  She is quick to learn anything and passes this onto her pups.  Sweet disposition and willingness to please.  Tango is our queen bee and rules the roost here.

AKC Miniature American Shepherd


Linderlands Another Round of Applause

Avery is a young bitch with great potential. Beautiful structure and movement.  Her stunning composure along with her sweet temperament melts our hearts.  Avery finished growing at just over 17″ but has produced some stunning pups who were quite a bit smaller in size.  She has a lovely head and neck and a winning smile (all the time).  Her puppies tend to get her “smiling”, as well.

AKC Miniature American Shepherd