Miniature American & Australian Shepherd Puppies

All Miniature American Shepherds puppies come up to date for everything for their age. All puppies are Guaranteed to be in good physical & mental condition & free from disease at time of sale. Shot Records will be provided.

We guarantee all puppies to be free of any Genetic defects for a period of 26 months from date of birth. A $200.00 NON-Refundable Deposit is required to Reserve a puppy.  Deposits are transferable.
Please contact me for more Info, Photos, Questions…

**Pending evaluation:  This means the puppy will be evaluated as a show prospect.  This is done at 8  weeks old.  If puppy is deemed as pet and is not on hold, it will become available again.  

**Reserved:  This means a deposit has been placed on the puppy and it is no longer available.  If the   deposit extends to cover any other available puppies at time of visit and buyer wishes to transfer to another puppy, then this puppy will remain listed as Reserved until final selection is made, and may become available again.   

*Pending deposit:  This means a deposit is being sent and buyer will be given a certain amount of time for it to be received.  This will normally be accompanied by a date following it, and if deposit is not received puppy will become available again.

*Puppies are pet priced unless otherwise stated.  Updated: 09/013/2022

AKC Miniature American Shepherd pups ready to go! 

Sonnet’s black tri boy born 4/17/22.  Super sweet and friendly.  Adorable little guy loves attention and is ready to go anytime.  Fun and outgoing.  Loves everything and everyone.  Available.  $1500.

Sonnet’s red merle male born 4/17/22.  Another cutie, happy outgoing boy.  He’s very playful, but not hyper.  Loves his belly rubs!  Crate trained and doing awesome!  Available.  $1500.

Haley’s black tri male born 4/11/22.  Blue eyes and a cutie.  He loves to go for walks and enjoys attention.  Laid back boy who is just a little on the shy side.  $1500.  Available.

Kitty’s black tri male born 5/25/22.  Small, cute and super happy.  Playful guy who loves to get belly rubs and pets as much as he loves everything else.  $1500.  Available.

Maggie’s black tri male born 4/30/22.  Independent and smart.  Started and doing well on crate training.  Big personality in this little guy.  Available.  $1500.

Maggie’s blue merle boy born 4/30/22.  Happy, friendly boy who will be on the bigger side.  Forgot his pictures, so here he is on the table after a bath.  Has had crate  training.  Pending pickup 9/18.  $1500.

Journey’s black tri male born 5/6/22.  What a sweetheart he is!  Laid back, quiet, he’s a great little sidekick.  A bit shy with new people, but he’s a happy little guy and warms up quick.  He follows me everywhere!  Available.  $1500.

Journey’s black tri female born 5/6/22.  Playful, outgoing and happy.  This girl could do anything.  She’s a nice show prospect and she’s little, too.  Available.  $1500.

Older pups, young adults available:

M&M’s black tri girl born 1/16/2022.  Happy and very smart, too.  Doing well in crate training.  Loves to play and go for walks.  $1200.  Available.

Kiki and Mogli litter born January 26, 2022

Black tri male.  Adorable.  What a lover, he adores attention.  Extremely agile, and is the one who can climb, too.  An excellent partner for anything.  $1200.  Available.

Black tri girl.  Very cute, very sweet.  About 25#.  She is really smart, leash broke, good in the car and started in crate training.  Very attentive and loving.  $1200.  Available.

Adults and older pups for sale:

“Sniper” is still here after a no-show yet again.  He sure is a sweetheart and would be next to his human all the time.  Listens well, does ok on a leash for limited training.  Sleeps in a crate at night.  He was born May 2021.  He’s adorable with his one blue eye.  Available.  $1200.

Our older dogs have spent time both in the house and in the kennel.  They will come with a collar and leash that they cannot slip out of.  A grace period for adjustment is needed for them to learn their new surroundings and home.   We are breeders and these dogs have not been altered as of yet.  

There are a few older dogs that will be coming available.  After over 25 years of breeding Aussies and Minis, my mom is looking into downsizing over the next few years.  Her dogs are stunning, healthy, and their intelligence is remarkable.  We do our best to match older dogs with the right families, so be sure to give us as much information as possible when you send us a note! 

Springtime babies will be available late March & early April!!  Now taking deposits on these litters.

Transport options may be available.  Ask us about our adults or older pups for sale!!

Starck's Miniature American Shepherds

Starck's Miniature American Shepherds