Miniature American & Australian Shepherd Puppies

More new pictures coming and lots of updates going on here at the place!  It’s been a busy summer and lots going on.  We still have a few great pups from this year and some boys that are a little older, too!    

 All Miniature American Shepherds puppies come up to date for everything for their age. All puppies are Guaranteed to be in good physical & mental condition & free from disease at time of sale. Shot Records will be provided.  We guarantee all puppies to be free of any Genetic defects for a period of 26 months from date of birth. A $200.00 NON-Refundable Deposit is required to Reserve a puppy.  Deposits are transferable.  Please contact me for more Info, Photos, Questions…

Our pups are always bred to be the next show dog.  Structural correctness will make for ease of movement to work, as well as a sound temperament for the perfect pet prospect.  With the correct training, these dogs are perfect family dogs with a willingness to please and a sound disposition.  They have a lovely off-switch as conformation dogs and enjoy mental stimulation as well as physical activity. 

  My mom started 30 years ago with Aussies and minis.  She is significantly making cutbacks a few times a year as she gears toward retirement.  Occasionally there will be listings of older pups or dogs for retirement homes.  We try to find the best homes and match personalities so everyone is happy.  Older pups and dogs need a little more time to settle in, learn their surroundings and where their new home is.   

We evaluate at 8 weeks to determine which pups we will keep back for showing/breeding in the future.  Because of this, we do not know who will be available at time of birth.  We do not select pups based on coat color, eye color, or sex.  All pups tails will be docked according to our breed standard.  If there is an obvious mismark, then we will consider leaving the tail if someone is interested. 

*Puppies are pet priced at $1600 unless otherwise stated.  Updated: 9/16/2023

Blue merle female.  Born 1/27.  Wonderful personality.  Smart.  Independent.  Great size.  She’s clean in a crate and good on a leash.  Ready to go.  $1600.  



Black tri boy.  This guy is very playful.  Follows me all over the place.  He’s pretty vocal (not a barker) and loves to be with his people and to be the center of attention.  Crate trained.  Ready to go.    Lots of energy.  $1200.  Born 1/20/2023.  New pics coming soon!

Black tri boy.  This guy is a little shy, but very loyal.  Listens good.  Awesome in a crate and on a leash.  Nice boy, could be a show pup.  Available as a pet $1600.  Born 2/11/23.

Blue merle boy.  Very happy boy.  Beautiful and smart.   Loves everyone.  Great on a leash.  Crate trained.  Loves to be a part of everything.  Price reduced for small coloboma.  $1000.  Born 2/11/23.

Older AKC Mini American Shepherd pups ready to go!!  Price reduced for a great home before winter.

Haley’s black tri male born 4/11/22.  Blue eyes and a cutie.  He’s a smart one and adores attention.  He loves to go for walks and will sit all day for pets.  Excellent in a crate.  Quiet & Happy boy.  $1000.  Available.

Kitty’s black tri male born 5/25/22.  Small, cute and super happy.  Playful guy who loves to get belly rubs and pets as much as he loves everything else.  Good with other dogs and likes everyone he meets.  Not the in your face kind-of pup, either.  Loyal and a little training would make him a wonderful addition to any family.  $1000.  Available.

“Monkey.”  Born 1/26/22.  Black tri male.  Adorable.  What a lover, he adores attention.  Extremely agile.  Leash training and crate trained. Does good in the car.  Loves fetch!  An excellent partner for anything.  He would make just an excellent agility partner.  This guy can do anything!  He’s very keen and intelligent.  $1000.  Available.

We have a couple older boys who are looking for a retirement home.  Please inquire with your info, as these boys are just looking for the perfect match.  Pics coming!!


“Hush.”  Born 8/16/20.  Another happy girl being offered for spoils as a pet.  She’s excellent in a crate, in a car, on a leash and does great in the house.  Loves attention, loves fetch.  She smiles like crazy and is very sweet.  Hush is currently in SD with mom and can come home with me at any given time, pending weather.  $1800.  Available.

For breeding consideration:

“Bo.”  Born 2/24/19.  AKC Miniature American Shepherd.  Bo is offered as a pet or to a show home, as he is tested clear for everything and has had his hips done.  He’s a great little dog, about 16″.  Very sweet, a bit timid with strangers.  He plays good with other dogs so long as they’re not in his face.  He’s not fond of little kids, but does well with older.  He loves puppies!  House trained, leash trained, crate trained, rides in cars.  A lovely boy all around.  Quiet and sweet, loves to be a lap dog.  Structurally correct and a lovely mover.  $1500 pet/$3500 full rights.  Available.

For breeding consideration:

“Misha.”  **AKC and ASCA registered Australian Shepherd born 2017.  My mom doesn’t raise Aussies anymore and only has a couple left.  Misha is young enough to still have some nice pups.  She’s a great mom, in great shape.  Testing clear, hips good.  Super sweet girl, and pretty laid back.  $2500.00 full rights/$1500 pet.  Lives in SD with mom, but can get a ride here at no extra charge. ** 

Our older dogs have spent time both in the house and in the kennel.  They will come with a collar and leash that they cannot slip out of.  A grace period for adjustment is needed for them to learn their new surroundings and home.  It’s very difficult to watch them go, but know they can be spoiled and loved in a home of their own.  We are breeders and these dogs have not been altered as of yet.  

There are a few more older dogs that will be coming available.  These dogs are stunning, healthy, and their intelligence is remarkable.  We do our best to match older dogs with the right families, so be sure to give us as much information as possible when you send us a note! 

Starck's Miniature American Shepherds

Starck's Miniature American Shepherds